Implemtation Support

Implementation often follows from workshops or in some companies we get straight to it. 

Maybe the owner has had previous training or the concepts and tools are just what they need and wants to get the new system implemented as soon as possible.

We offer it either way and it all starts with a company visit.  Book a free of charge company visit and we can discuss your needs face to face, run through the system with you or your team.

Following this meeting we put together a proposal for implementation.


Implementation starts with training the leadership team and ends with results. 

Step 1 – Training – we teach you and your team the BxP System Tools

Step 2- Plan – we create a plan with you and your team focused on achieving your end goals.

Step 3 – Implement – we  begin using the tools with your staff. We provide focus, steering and direction to ensure you get the correct results.

Step 4 – Coaching – We coach you and your team, offering guidance and support at all levels.

Step 5 – Auditing – We don’t leave you high and dry following implementation we revisit and audit your progress.  We then report back with your progress. 

 Step 6 – React – Following the results of our audits we create a plan to take action to keep momentum your business.

If you are familiar with Deming’s work you may recognise his process in the above Plan -Do -Check- Act-Cycle.