You have all the right pieces, but without a system you could be missing the bigger picture.

So what is the BxP System?

Put Simply;  A single business and personal operating system which enables your company to run itself without the business owner. 

Not for a week or a month but continuously from year to year.

Why Do I Need It?


  Reduced stress

 Get time with your family 

 Retirement Plan 

 Sales of the business

 Allow creation of new opportunities

 Run multiple businesses


 Greater motivation & empowerment

 Clear goals and a system to achieve

 Clear communication

 Reduced staff stress

 Standardised business operations

 Improved efficiency

 Improved margins

 A platform for growth and scaling up



The BxP System is a business operating system with process management at it’s core.  Think of it as Windows for your business.  On the surface everything happens effortlessly, underneath there are 100’s of processes at work ensuring you get the end result.  In the same way through implementing, operating and managing our processes we standardise the operations of our companies.  I should also point out that these processes are happening anyway we just don’t have these visualised, under control or standardised.  However a system by itself is not enough without an ability to change.  This provides freedom to focus not on the everyday but on the big opportunities and goals.  To gain full control of your business you need an single standard operating system.  This is NOT about meeting regulations or ticking boxes, it’s a shift in culture of the entire business starting with the you the owner-leader to operating by a system.    You have to believe it can be accomplished and focus your efforts on making it work.  Because once you do you have a business primed for growth or freedom for new opportunities.


The system incorporates three key area for success; YOU – COMPANY – CUSTOMERS.  All of these driven by a culture of process flow innovation.  The end result will be a business run by processes, continually looking to improve and you as owner or leader having the time to focus on developing or simply getting your life back.


Please don’t get us wrong this isn’t rocket science nor is it all fancy-wancy!  The concepts behind the system are simple to understand and operate but will require effort and extra work to implement.  In fact the more effort you put in the better the results which come out.


The system combines proven business tools with the latest concepts to deliver a system which works.  These same tools are similar to those used in the big organisations which created their foundation for continual growth.  Just think if Mr Sainsbury’s or Henry Ford, had run a system where processes were not at the centre of their business how did they successfully grow to the size they are, if the owner was still fixing all the problems?


But what if I already have a system?

Great, but some owners don’t, others have half a system and others still a system which needs just a few tweaks.  You may have a system which isn’t right for you or isn’t fully integrated.  Our system is designed to lay the foundation, from there you create the structure with the tools.  No business should be the same, it should have your own personality and identity.  We have adopted a process of delivering our system in set stages so your investment of time and money in limited to how you feel you like the system.  If you attend our workshops and think it’s not for you then you end there and will have come away with having learned something new and be thinking about change in your business. For others you may want to go fully in and want additional support so move to the implementation stage.

Are you saying I’m not successful because I don’t have a system?

Not all, far from it.  To set up and run your own business takes hard work, effort, risk and passion.  You have a great business and are successful.  The more successful you become the more work you create.  We understand when you put so much of yourself into it you worry about handing over control to others and are quick to take back control when mistakes happen or things just don’t get done quick enough (I know because I used to run my business like this!).

The problem is the more you spread yourself out you become a bottleneck and at times your own worst enemy.  Your business will always need you until you delegate control, and you will never delegate control until you have faith in people doing the things in the way you want them done.  In creating processes that you approve and then manage people using them.

Even the likes of Google have these problems.  Imagining scaling up from 4 staff to 200 over a very short period, when they introduced Google Adwords.  The manager at that time Sheryl Sandberg, interviewed every person for the department before realising in doing so, she had become a bottleneck to growth.  When she met with her staff to explain she would delegate interviewing she envisioned being met with disappointment instead they applauded!  Those around us can often see the problems before us, but without the right platform they won’t come forward to tell you.  A system with delegation, processes and process flow innovation has allowed google to expand rapidly.


IT'S AS EASY AS 1.2.3.


We believe in finding the right fit for your business, and providing support in the most cost effective way.  We do this through 3 steps.


1Public Training Workshops – Sign up to our BxP System workshops.  These run with no more than 8 people at a time allowing the right combination of focus and shared discussion.  We include 2 company visits to check progress and support implementation.  Following the course you choose to finish there any implement yourself or you move to step two.


2One -2 One CoachingWork is frantic, your taking calls, emailing quotes, raising purchase orders, and running production meetings you just don’t have the time to think about implementing what you’ve learnt.  So you move to stage 2 and one of our implementers works with you on implementation.  They will help set goals and targets, monitor your progress, support you with breaking habits and provide additional or redo training from the workshop.  We usually start with six quarter day visits but often we tailor this to suit each client on our first visit.


3ImplementationWe provide training and implementation company wide and coaching for the Business Owner.  This can either be for the BxP Toolbox or for the whole BxP System.  For example, we will run an implementation workshop for capturing processes.  We start by training the agreed team and finish with a mapped out process, a model of your ideal process and a plan for making the shift.  Whilst this is happening within your company we are supporting you in stepping back and making new choices focusing on achieving your big goals.


If you would prefer to skip the public workshops and move straight to implementation and coaching then fantastic we love being fully involved.  Get in touch and we will come out to visit you for a free 60 to 90 minute initial consultation.