As a business owner you feel the pressure everyday to deliver.  Whether that’s making good on a promise to a customer, getting samples to a new supplier or supporting staff with a query.  The problem of course is who’s there for you?

The saying it’s lonely at the top is so true and there are always days where you feel you on your own.

But you don’t have to be, all good leaders have benefited from a mentor or coach.  Someone to talk through an issue or seek a little pick up when the day gets you down or push you to excel.  Take for instance elite athletes.  To become an elite athlete requires vast mental and physical ability but it also requires an awareness of seeking support.  All elite athletes and top sports professionals have coaches from Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis Hill to Chis Froome. Some have one coach, others a whole team.  Their coaches support in a variety of ways including mental toughness, precise technique, diet and wellbeing.

So as a professional business leader doesn’t it make sense to have you own coach or team of people to support your development to the top?  We think so but that decision has to be yours.

One 2 One Coaching & Remote Monitoring

When you begin implement the BxP System and making changes it can get tough.  Ensuring those changes stick even tougher. At the first sign of trouble your instinct may be to grab an extinguisher and get back into fire fighting mode!  We want you to be successful and see those changes take hold and get to fulfil your goals.

If you feel you need support, we can provide One 2 One Coaching or Remote Mentoring.  Following on from the workshop training you can choose an option to suit you, from telephone and regular email support, regular company visits or a combination of both.  We tailor the support to suit each Business Owner.  For some clients we go a step further and provide a team of coaches.   Each coach will be there to support your unique needs, from health and wellbeing, to personal development alongside implementation.

We deliver this in either packages of time or bespoke solutions.   Contact us to arrange an initial visit where we can discuss your needs and provide a quote.