About Us

a belief in process

We believe that processes are the DNA of all companies.  They are both our company’s and personal operating systems.  Most companies underestimate, overlook or don’t consider the true impact of processes.  At Business by Process we want to put this right.

We love researching, discovering and designing great processes.  We love to talk about them, blog about them and probably drive people mad about them!  We see processes in systems, routines, habits and practices.  We also see the lack of control over them and the limits this has on success. 

We know the cause of 80% of a company’s problems will be down to the process.  We also know (and it is a fact!) most small companies are oblivious to it.  Companies will hire expensive consultants to fix a particular problem which is often not the true problem.  But they can’t see it – they are too close to it! 

So put simply Business by Process is all about processes and we hope we can inspire other to be process driven too.

We deliver our services as either a complete solution in the BxP System or as individual services.  

Our Journey

One morning, I found myself sitting at home in my office, notebook, pen and laptop to hand.  I have ideas swirling through my head and a multitude of new ventures sketched and all laid in front of me.  Whilst sipping my 5th cup of coffee (I’m a bit of an addict!) my mind had drifted off again to one returning and nagging thought, what if? 


What if I had done it this way? What if I had implemented this system? What if I had recruited better staff?  What if I had used a mentor?  What if I had focused more on advertising? what if? what if?  What if!!


I had joined my family business when I was in my early twenties and went on to spend nearly two decades running and later owning their engineering business.  I joined the business as a Quality and IT Manager with a view to eventually replace the current General Manager when he retired. I began to study engineering and commenced my first project updating the Quality Management System.  Maybe not the sexiest of roles but it gave me a grounding and understanding of business processes, essential to the QMS. 


 The business, an engineering company supplied machining services on a sub-contract basis for OEM’s mainly in the luxury bathroom sector.  I discovered that I loved manufacturing.  Seeing the process of machines producing a multitude of components and turning solid metal into finished tangible products always amazed me. 


 My family had owned the business since I was around 14 and whilst it had been successful in its own way it had never set the world on fire.  I wish I could say I was like Gary Vaynerchuk and had turned my family business into a multimillion pound company but it didn’t happen that way.    In my role as MD before selling the business I wore many hats, manager, engineer, quality, purchasing, sales to name a few.  Each day was a mix from quoting to production planning but mostly fire-fighting.  Whether it be a machine break down or a call from a customer wanting to bring an order forward each day seemed to be full of new challenges and no time for fulfilling goals.


Three years earlier I was approached by one of our largest customer to acquire the business.  Whilst initially shocked at the thought (I felt I was far too young to sell!) my reasoning got the better of me and I felt it best for everyone involved to sell and join the larger group. 


I decided to step away from that new business after two years as I felt I needed a change in my life and without the ties and commitments I had as an owner, the time was right. 


My reflection on that frosty morning had me thinking of how much I had accomplished and the experience I had gained, but I felt I could have done more – What if?  I’m not normally prone to regret but I couldn’t help reflecting on those – What if questions. 


I also realised if I have these questions how many other small companies have these exact same issues now?  These managers and owners in the midst of fire fighting and the daily running of their companies probably being busy to consider new options.  Yes – we have moments when we stick our head up out of the trenches, get out of the fire fight, maybe attend a seminar or two and nod along appreciatively.  But how many of us actually went away and put that learning to practice? for most we are sucked back into it the thick of it and start hacking our way through all the stuff waiting for us on our return. 


My break from work had also allowed me to catch up on reading.  I have shelves full of business books from Drucker, to Ferris, biographies to organisation theory.  I had gleamed little nuggets of useful bits here and there but never really had the time to delve into them fully or implement new systems as a result of my findings.  As I read I could see systems and process there, many buried under fluff.


This lead to the creation of my business all about processes.  A way of embracing processes and getting these into companies similar to my own.  It later turned into a system the BxP as a way of bringing process driven change into small companies.


This is my journey so far I hope we can help you on yours.




Mark Winsper