What is your ultimate ambition? where do you picture yourself 5 years from now?

Whether you see your future driving luxury cars and travelling the world or simply free of financial worries and working the minimal hours, your ambitions are important.  They fuel you desire to succeed.  To turn dreams into realities we must visualise these plans fully and set goals that move us one step closer each and everyday.

In their book ‘’The One Thing’ Keller and Papasan refer to this process as the Domino effect.  A fantastic metaphor for visualising how your one big domino (plan) can be knocked down by a series of smaller dominoes (goals) getting bigger and bigger until they have the power to knock down that one big domino.  It’s called momentum and the more focused you become on achieving that one daily goal aligned with your big plan above everything else, the sooner it becomes a routine and then habit, and then BANG!! you’ve made it.

After all a plan that isn’t actioned will only ever be a dream.  Here’s the process;

One – Ask yourself what do I want my business to look like in 5 years?

Two – Create your basic business model blueprint to visualise on paper that picture in your head.  (for a sample blueprint you can use click here)

Three – Research and model other great companies of a similar size to your 5 year model. Fill the holes in your blueprint i.e. what does the organisation hierarchy look like in that company, how many staff, what departments.  It doesn’t have to be an exact match – remember we are modelling not copying.  Ask good questions, will there be sufficient customers in my segment and how will I reach them?  If not where will the increase in sales come from?  Tweak to suit your own perception and personality.

Four – Turn the 5 year model into the 1 year model.  What will the model look like in 12 months to be on track for the 5 year model.  Repeat step Two and Three.

Five – Create a plan with set monthly goals to achieve the 1 year model.  These goals must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic and Time based.  Work backwards from the 1 year plan.

Six – Set daily goals.  Set these as your daily priority to achieve that goal which will move you closest toward achieving you monthly goal.

Seven – Every morning start with this question – “What is the one thing I can do right now, that will move me closest to accomplishing my goal?” *  Schedule time each and every day to accomplish this task.

Working with others – Depending on your company size these plans and goals will need to be communicated and agreed upon by everyone in the company.  Your Measurable part of the goal setting must be converted into metrics to ensure everyone has direction, is focused and on track to achieve the goals.

With everyone working from the same page with clear targets you’ll have the best chance of success.

Before we finish let me ask one final question –

Now you have a 5 year plan to realise your dreams, what’s stopping you doing this in 6 months?!

Break down your barriers focus on making your dreams a reality, do it now, we can’t predict the future, there is no crystal ball.  A change in the market, a new innovation, a competitor or even worse illness or injury could all wait around the corner.  The more seperated you are from your business the more you and your business can be prepared for what life throws at you – don’t wait until tomorrow do it today – one domino at a time.. (sorry rant over!!)

* This question is based on content from the superb book The One Thing by Keller and Papasan.

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