We often hear colleagues boast about how good they are at multitasking, but how many boast about being great at doing just one thing at a time?  Multitasking is fine in principal but the truth is that multitasking is a myth and can often hurt our productivity.  You can’t fully focus on a multitude of things and do each task well.  By focusing on one task at a time you can create great results rather than average.  Here’s the process;

One – clear you head, write down all those things you need to do
Two – choose the one thing that will make the most difference to improving your situation and forget the rest– remember NOT the quickest or the easiest!
Three – remove all distractions, close all those windows down, put your phone on divert, let the dog out and lock the door
Four – focus on doing that one task to the very end.

Become obsessed with completing tasks and you will soon be hitting those goals!

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